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The Essential Facts About Tapeworm in Cats

Catster - Oct 26, 2016
Cestodes are a family of parasitic flatworms. They're called flatworms because they are (duh) flat, ribbon-like worms, as opposed to roundworms such as earthworms and hookworms. The most common species of tapeworm to infect cats is Dipylidium caninum ...

Hyderabad firm develops pig tapeworm vaccine

The Hindu - Oct 19, 2016
The recombinant porcine (Pigs) Cysticercosis vaccine developed by IIL also has the potential to significantly reduce the incidence of epilepsy in humans. Cysticercosis is a parasitic disease caused by ingesting the eggs of the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium.

Tapeworm eggs on fresh produce in a province of Poland

BMC Blogs Network (blog) - Sep 30, 2016
The discovery that 23% the samples of fresh fruits, vegetables and mushrooms collected in a region of Poland were contaminated with eggs of a highly pathogenic tapeworm has been challenged. However the original research team have defended their ...

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Tapeworm books

New Guinea Tapeworms and Jewish Grandmothers: Tales of Parasites and People

by: Robert S. Desowitz

The medical tapestry of the world is full of organisms too small to see, carried by flying and creeping creatures too numerous to eradicate.

A while ago, DDT and the antimalarial drug chloroquine seemed sure to make us all safe from such invisible assault.

It was not to be. The mosquito has become resistant to DDT; malaria is on the rise; although tapeworms rarely turn up any longer in the most lovingly prepared New York City gefilte fish, a worm may inhabit your sashimi; some strains of gonorrhea actually thrive on penicillin; there is even a parasite for the higher tax brackets―the "nymph of Nantucket"; and there are new ailments―legionnaire's disease, Lassa fever, and new strains of influenza.
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by: Nicholas Morris
Fiction. These fourteen stories move from backwoods Arkansas to concrete jungles, from churches to prison cells, from delusions to truth. "In TAPEWORM, Morris has his finger on the jackhammering pulse of the world within the world where the culture does its fiercest living. Luminous and livid, comfortingly familiar and disturbingly strange..."--Laird Hunt.
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How to Know the Tapeworms

by: Schmidt Gerald D.

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Keys to the Cestode Parasite of Vertebrates

by: Lotfi F Khalil, Arlene Jones, Rodney A Bray
Most previous publications on the classification of tapeworms (cestodes) have been based on compilations from the literature and are now dated. Thus there is a real need for up-to-date keys based on the re-examination of specimens and on a re-evaluation of the characters employed in cestode taxonomy. This book fulfils this need and provides keys to enable specialists and non-specialists to identify cestodes to generic level. The keys are dichotomous and are based largely on morphological characters.
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Are You Ready For The Tapeworm Diet? Really? Seriously?

The Tapeworm Diet is a fad that is rushing across N. America. See the full story here. http://bit.ly/tapewormdiet And the year's best overall diet is ... -...

The Flea Tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum) - Plain and Simple

A heartwarming tale of tapeworms and fleas. For more info visit: The American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists ...

Tapeworm from Sushi?

The Doctors discuss a 16-foot tapeworm that took doctors 5 days to remove from a sashimi lover's stomach. Subscribe to The Doctors: ...

The Flea Tapeworm in dogs and cats - Dipylidium caninum

Animation showing the life cycle of the flea tapeworm - Dipylidium caninum in dogs and cats. Sorry but comments have been disabled for this video as they ...

Tapeworm Weird Facts. Worms in human WATCH THIS, it's disgusting !!

Tapeworms are flat segmented worms that live in the intestines of some animals. Animals can become infected with these parasites when grazing in pastures or ...